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Physical Examination of the Knee

A physical examination of the knee is performed when you present to Dr. McNabb with a knee complaint. Both of your knees are examined and the results of the painful knee are compared to those of the healthy knee.

Physical examination

Initially, Dr. McNabb will inspect your knees for any changes in the skin, swelling, redness, and deformity. Dr. McNabb will also feel your knee for warmth, coolness tenderness, blood flow, and sensation. Your knees will be tested for a range of motion and production of any sounds such as grinding, popping or clicking by moving it around. The ligaments of the knee will be tested for injury as well.


The results of the knee examination vary based on whether the examination is for a sudden injury, recurrent or long-lasting problem. Abnormal findings do not always imply that you have a knee injury. Your doctor makes a diagnosis based on both the test results as well as your medical history.